Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh yes... before I forget. Avie got her two front teeth for Christmas.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The holiday rush.

Not sure who is more worn out, Avie or myself. The crazy, busy and exhausting week full of family and fun has finally passed. Lots of exciting presents, fattening foods and laughter. We have officially outgrown the toybox (basket). Moving might be easier than finding room for all of Avies new gifts! The new word this week is "hiding" said by Miss Avie while hiding behind mommy's curtains with a cheesy grin on her face. "Avie, are you hiding?"Auntie Amy asks after spying Avalynn behind the curtains. "Yeah... hiding" Avie replies in her little girl voice. Love her! We celebrated both Christmas and her 1st birthday this weekend. We had a small family gathering for her birthday held early while family was all in town. I made her a healthy zucchini/applesauce chocolate cake only to find it covered in frosting. Well, now I know how much she likes sugar! I love this baby girl :) who becomes a TODDLER next week. Wow.
Now that the big holiday rush has passed I find myself trying to normalize our routine. I'm hoping to not fall back into our previous cycle but instead set a new 'norm' for us. Call it my New Years Resolution. Healthier eating, more organized, more playdates and mommy/Avie time, more time overall spent being productive followed by some time spent being "healthy lazy". LoL, healthy lazy, if such a thing exists. These past few years I picked up the habit of zoning out in front of the tv during my free time. Its like a black hole and it just sucks you in, one good show leading to another. Really, I find that black tv hole rather annoying. I cut out cable a few months ago and so far I don't miss it but I still haven't had the opportunity to read much. Maybe its the holidays or stress or the fact that I've been BUSY but I'm seriously just craving a good book. Time for a trip to the library if I can ever get my card back from the baby sis.

The holidays were very good to us. Back to the grind of the real world now.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Well Avalynn's first week of daycare was a success! She went three days this week. Rochelle, the daycare provider, stated that Avalynn is very good and well behaved (yay Avie!). She also stated that Avalynn is a good little helper by distracting and amusing another crying infant. Avie plays with the toys on Camber's (a 3 month old girl) swing which always stops her from fussing AND Avalynn hasn't tried to steal Camber's bottle... yet. She's starting to interact more with the bigger kids which is good to hear, usually she plays by herself and avoids the other kids. I'm proud of my big girl but also a little sad that she's becoming a toddler so quickly.

Mike and I brought Avalynn to meet Santa Claus on Thursday. Avalynn has always had a fear of white hair, Santa is no exception! When Santa saw the look of terror on her face he told me to drop and run... hoping we could get a snap shot before the tears fell. No such luck. Santa cried right along with her :) Santa informed me that she'll only need 2 years of therapy after this encounter. Poor Avie.

Avalynn finds the bathtub to be a fascinating toy. The bathroom door must be shut at ALL times or else she begins dropping things into it or tries to crawl into it herself. She finds the tub most amusing as I fill or drain it. I've dug everything out of that darn tub including nonwater toys, shampoo bottles, onesies, her toothbrush, hand towels and her favorite... rolls of toilet paper... As soon as I think I've picked every last TP square out of the tub and moved everything moveable out of reach, I'll discover she's found something else to drop into it. She finds this game more amusing than her mama!

I'm slowly getting ready for Christmas thanks to Avalynn being in daycare. Its amazing how fast I can move with two free hands but I find I physically have to remind myself not to go pick her up early. I figure its best to stick to the routine until Avalynn is comfortable being in the new environment. Darn... I miss my baby!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All she wants for christmas are her two front teeth!

It looks like Avalynn will be getting her two front teeth for Christmas. They are right there.... and are oh so close to breaking free. I look forward to her new smiles but will miss the gummy gums and my fang baby! As of this week Avalynn has reached the double digits with her vocabulary. Surprise? Not really, she does come from a chatty family :)

This last Saturday was Amy's baby shower with the theme Two Pea's in a Pod. It went really well! Everyone seemed to have a great time and we had plenty of food and fun. She received lots of great gifts and I'm sure she's getting anxious for these little guys to make their appearance.... in March. For her shower I made my very first diaper cake which turned out pretty well and it provided her with a box of diapers. I also made sugar cookies with green frosting (to go with the pea theme). It took THREE attempts to make the cookies before I finally gave up and bought slice and bake cookies. I love to cook but apparently I suck at baking.

Here's my big news of the week, I made the splurge and purchased an SUV today. I always thought I'd be fine with a car until I got stuck. Then I slid and then I slid some more. While thanking the lord once again that Avalynn was not in the car with me as I slid around the corner, I came to the conclusion that I wanted something much safer than the little Mazda. I'm sick of being in cruddy weather with a light little car while riding cramped and practically on top the steering wheel (the carseat requires the front seats be pushed WAY forward). Also, as a single mom, I've become rather independent. I have absolutely no desire to sit and hunt down people to help me move big items (example, a tv from my sisters house to my house and a baby swing from my house to her house). So I started hunting for an Impala. From there I found an SUV and than I met the newest addition to our family. An Equinox. I will pick it up today around 4pm... I will start my cursing over its gas mileage around 6pm I'm sure. This could get interesting. Wish me luck.

I am getting really, and I mean REALLY, excited to cook Christmas Dinner. At some point I'll attempt cookies... but after the disaster of Amy's baby shower cookies I'm rethinking Christmas treats. I hope everyone is well!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A quick catch up!

Miss Avalynn is eleven months old now. The days just keep going faster and faster... It may have something to do with Avalynn moving faster. She's learning how to run now and its quite funny watching her body try keep up with her little legs. We've had a few bumps and bruises but after she learned how to walk she thankfully taught herself how to fall. All of those bumps and bruises made this mama sad.
Avalynn's 2nd eye tooth came in right after Halloween... She sure is a cute little vampire baby. Currently, her two front teeth are working their way out. It doesn't seem to bother her mood as much this time around but she has all the symptoms of teething. The drooling, runny nose, and occasional cough. Her nose is turning red from being wiped so often. Hopefully these teeth make their appearance soon.
Avalynn and I made an unexpected trip home over the Thanksgiving weekend for my grandmothers funeral. We were sad for the reasons to be home but thankful for the opportunity to see so many family members and friends. I was able to plan a 5 day trip home which gave plenty of time to visit. I am always amazed at how well behaved my daughter can be. She was a happy girl despite all the new people and places. It wasn't until the very last day that she started becoming grumpy and that was the same day that her teething process started again. What a good little girl I have! I am so happy to be her mama :)
We had a play date on Thursday with 3 of my coworkers and their daughters at the House of Bounce. Avalynn loved all the bouncing, exploring and she discovered the wonder of slides. She would go down them laughing only to turn around and try climb up again. Rarely does she have the opportunity to be around a lot of kids so she is nervous and quiet around them still. I'm sure that will change quickly being she starts her daycare this month!
Its been a very busy month so far and its only going to get more and more hectic as the holiday season and birthday season continue!

Visiting with Auntie Tena

Going down the slide all by herself!

Playing with Josey

3 of the 4 girls crying when we tried to get a group picture LoL

A Britta picture of Avalynn eating her new favorite toy, a bead necklace.

My little vampire baby!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sick Girl

Well Avalynn is finally on the mend. We had a rough 4 weeks of her being ill. The coughing, runny nose, unhappy child and really REALLY high temps having finally passed... thank goodness. I almost forgot what she was like when feeling well! These last few days she has been bouncing off the walls, full of energy and just plain happy. Its so much fun. Today while getting ready for work ran in circles from Mike, to the couch and than to me while laughing so hard she was screaming. Pretty darn cute, made it difficult to leave her for another long night shift. Things have been going pretty well in the house now that she's feeling well. She's actually sleeping almost through the night! She'll wake up once or twice but put herself back to sleep quickly so I can do the same. She's starting to eat better as well. Me on the other hand, I'm happy to finally have made the big desision to put her into a daycare. The babysitter is to expensive to use as often as I need and I'm to tired to keep this up much longer. Hopefully we find a good, safe and fun daycare soon. Not looking forward to future illnesses though...
I'm starting to get into the Christmas mood. Contemplating setting up my decorations this coming weekend but I worry that Avie will tear them down and try eat them, worse yet she might break glass bulbs and hurt herself. I'll figure something out I'm sure. I'm sad that I work Thanksgiving but I was lucky enough to have Christmas off along with New Years AND her birthday. I am looking forward to a lot of fun!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweet baby girl

Avalynn loves books and she loves to be read too. Today she was putting together my words so that when I would say 'turn the page', she realized that it was time to actually turn the page. One of her favorite books is Skippyjon Jones, when I get to the part of the story where the kitty sniffs near and far, she always sniffs her little nose. Its great! She's also started hunting for her blanket when I ask her where her blanket is. When she spies it, she goes to get it, picks it up with a huge smile on her face and is so proud of herself. I love it! It's so amazing watching her soak in the world around her. I know that babies grow and learn so much in their first year but I didn't actually put together how it would happen. I didn't realize you could physically watch the information 'click' in their heads. One minute she has no idea what 'turn the page' means and than all of the sudden BAM she's turning pages and is moving on to the next thing. I'm amazed by how much and how fast she is learning and I love being here, seeing it happen and being a part of it. Couldn't ask for a better baby girl than the one I have :)

Reading her stories. She tells her own story and turns the pages as she goes! Super cute :)

Playing in her 'fort'.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

10 months old today!

Avalynn is 10 months old today and had a great time at the park! Here is some video...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Its been awhile again, I apologize! Life just keeps me busy these days. Esp now that sweet girl has learned how to walk. She's pretty busy and I love watching her toddle across the room. Each wobbly step amazes me. I can't figure out how she maintains her balance as she lifts foot and her whole body weaves back and forth before placing it down again. Somehow she's figured out her own method and can make it across the house all on her own. Crawling is still preferred for speed but not for long I'm sure.
As she's getting older I'm slowly starting to give her some table foods. She's getting things like banana's, rice, avocados, tofu, Cheerios, potato's, pea's and ect for finger foods and she loves it. No 'tastes' of pop and ice cream... she is MUCH to little for that. So far my method has kept her healthy. No eczema, asthma or allergies all of which are linked to foods being introduced to early. Other things can cause these problems I know but I'm not taking any risks with her health. Luckily she's been healthy, in fact she is sick with her first bug ever right now at (almost) ten months of age.

As I introduce more foods into her diet I am starting to have to eat healthier myself being she is tasting things off my plate along with her baby food. No chicken nuggets for my kid. I'm experimenting with new recipes that are yummy for both of us along with easy on her tummy. Here is what I'm making for supper tonight... yummy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Music Baby

My daughter adores music. She LOVES it! Today we've been listening to some of moms favorites, everything from Yael Naim, Ani Difranco, Joshua Radin to Jack Johnson and Colbie Caillat along with a little of Taylor Swift for good measure. A little variety LoL. My little peanut sings and dances to it right along with mom. Its absolutely a riot to watch.
Yesterday I shot some video of her watching the Little Mermaid. Now I promise I don't allow her to watch a lot of t.v. but there is something about the Disney movies that make me feel that its not REALLY t.v. Maybe its just that I love Disney movies and she gives me the perfect excuse to watch? She doesn't really pay attention to the movie but once the songs come on she either goes completely catatonic....

or she sings and dances right along! This isn't the best example of her dancing and singing but she gets so distracted by the camera that its the best I can record.

I apologize for not knowing how to turn my videos. :(

Monday, September 14, 2009

8 months!

I believe its time for an update. My computer crashed awhile back and I have yet to take the plunge and purchase a new one. One of these days I'll get around to it.
Sweet girl Avie is now 8 months old. That's right EIGHT MONTHS! I can't believe my baby girl is growing so fast, she is getting wiser, bigger and more beautiful every single day. Each day she's learning and than practicing newly acquired skills right in front of my eye's. One of my favorite parts of being her mama is physically watching her learn and explore. Just a few months ago she was newly in my arms peeking out through her squinty eye's at this world and today she's touching, holding, feeling, tasting and experiencing it. She is learning about things, places, words and making friends. Avie has no fear. Good girl!
As she has gotten older she has started to show her affections. She tries to share her toys with me by pulling them from her mouth and trying to put them in mine. She'll sit by me, rest her hands/head on me and climb into my lap just to be close. She gives big wet kisses, she'll reach when she wants to be held and after putting me through a cuddling freeze she's starting to cuddle again. I missed her snuggles. She loves reading stories (she fits right into my family!) and LOVES music. She dances and 'sings'. She mimics words now, her favorites are UP and ALL DONE! She doesn't quite understand what they mean yet but its so cute, I really need to record that. Who knew being a mom would be just this wonderful?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Night Shifts

I have found that there are a lot of pros and cons to working overnight shifts with a little one at home. Pros include being home during the day to see the things she learns, to spend time with her over breakfast and supper and to work while she sleeps. All in all, I miss less of her baby years. Cons include working overnight, missing our time together when I put her to bed (which right now I could probably put onto the pros list being she fights bedtime like a champ) and here is the biggie... sleep deprivation. Yes, I get to spend all this quality time with my baby girl during the day but how much of this time with her is actually "quality time"? I'm awake all day, work all night, sleep 3 hours and repeat this 3 days in a row. I really start to wear out. After that first day I find that I just can't be as relaxed/excited/playful as I would like to be with her. I find myself thankful she can amuse herself and than later I'm sad that she's having to play by herself. Obviously her learning how to amuse herself is a very good thing. I just wish I had more energy to spend time bonding with her while I work my 3 overnight shifts. On the otherhand, I'd probably feel just as guilty (if not more-so) having to put her in day care 3 days a week for twelve hours at a time. How do you decide which is the lesser evil???? On a happier note I traded my schedule this week so I will have Monday-Thursday off to catch up on energy and all those bedtimes I missed this weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy Bee's

(Two blogs in one! I didn't post the one I wrote yesterday.)
As Miss Avie practices her crawling I am forced to reassess our living situation. Our house is suddenly appearing a bit smaller as Avie acquires the ability to disappear from the spot she is set in and magically reappear with her hands on the glass TV cabinet doors (which I will be removing tomorrow). Now that she's becoming more mobile I will be blocking off hallways and rooms so I'm sure it'll soon be feeling even more cramped. Although my home will be feeling a bit smaller in these days to come I find myself having no desire to find a new place. Sure, someday I'd love to buy a HUGE house with a perfect location, but until I can afford the mortgage I think I'll stick to my current place. Its warm, cozy and homey. With my crown molding, angled ceilings, large bathroom and perfect kitchen I can't really complain. Besides, its home. We can easily wait on finding a new one.
Summers somehow always seem so busy to me. Maybe its because we try to pack so many activities into such short Midwest summers. I find myself falling behind on things easily during these months. To compensate I try catch up and get a little ahead all in one day. I sometimes get a little to much zest in the process. Such as laundry, when I fall behind I tend to go overboard in catching up. I'll do ten loads in one day. A few loads of clothing of course, than I'll start with all the heavy bedding, rugs, curtains, and pretty much anything that can be washed in the washing machine. On other days I go crazy cleaning closets. I've been known to spend entire days cleaning my closets and throwing stuff out. To bad these days are few and far between!! Good thing I'm not a pack rat... Today I find myself preparing for a baby day. I will be spending my entire day focused on finishing baby proofing, packing up small baby clothes, reorganizing her closets and hopefully work on her baby book. Oh yeah, can't forget keeping the actual baby occupied and happy :) Looks like a busy day ahead!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The evil scale

My scale and I have a love-hate relationship. I hate it and it loves to make me hate it. I must admit to being lucky enough to have not gained much while pregnant and to have lost the weight quickly. My problem is that my butt and thighs seem to have shrunk and that weight went straight to the belly. So I would LOVE to lose about 5-10 more pounds just to feel at my best and a bit more confident. Its petty I know but well, don't we all want what we can't have? Reading my friend J's blog always cheers me up. She has such a great personality and just following her updates gives me a bit of motivation to keep working towards my goal. Thanks J :) Starting tomorrow morning I'm gonna push myself a bit harder so I can look in tip top shape during my vacation to Boston... or where ever I end up going. I still need to plan that out. I'm going to start keeping a food diary and take daily walks with Avie in hopes that being more conscious of what I'm eating will make me eat a bit less unhealthy. Hope it works!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Shrinking Peanut

So Miss Avie is 6 months old... woo hoo!! Time just goes faster and faster. My big girl has hit a few milestones this week. She started laughing uncontrollably at her silly mommy (she laughed before but never randomly to the point where its hard to sit), she woke up yesterday morning and somehow during the night figured out how to do the army crawl, and than she had her 6 month checkup which included a weigh in and THREE shots. Poor peanut. It was her dads first time seeing vaccinations and it just about broke his heart. I had to pry her out of his arms so I could get some snuggle time in with her. I had a few tears again, as always.

At her check up we learned that she's slowing down on the growing routine. She moved from the 80% mark for weight and length to 50% for weight and 28% for length. She's slowed down a little but I was always in the 20% range when I was a wee one (or so my mother informed me when I called her all worried). So we will watch her to be sure she's eating enough and growing properly.

Tomorrow I finish baby proofing the house. The way she's moving I figure in a week or two she'll be all over. She's a little spitfire these days and in her eye's there is nothing off limits! Oh yeah, the cloth diapers worked their magic. Her butt is soft and peachy once again. Its official... Miss Avie is allergic to her diapers. Glad we got that problem fixed up!!
My sleeping princess after her shots!
Our backyard friend... Dori the Deer. She was across the street in the neighbors yard for this photo.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Pseudo-crunchy mama

So today as I hung my clothes out to dry I was informed that I am becoming a "crunchy mom". Now I had absolutely no idea what "crunchy" meant, but I assumed she wasn't talking about texture being she hadn't tried to take a bite out of me... so I replied thank you. It seemed to be the appropriate response being it was said by a very sweet girl and in the manner of a compliment. After the clothes were hung to dry the first thing I did, well second thing after changing a diaper, was search to find out what this meant. According to it is a

"Mother who supports homebirth, breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, co-sleeping, gentle discipline, etc. One who questions established medical authority; tends to be vegetarian and/or prepare all-organic foods."

Being I opted for the epidural, would never consider withholding vaccinations and I eat meat I wouldn't exactly fall into the crunchy mommy category. Is there such thing as a pseudo-crunchy mom? Perhaps I would fall into that category! I breastfeed, she goes to bed in her crib and than we co-sleep when she wakes up around 11pm, I try to feed her organic food when possible and as of this week we started cloth diapering (it seems Miss Avie may be allergic to disposable diapers). Apparently hanging my clothes out to dry pushed me into the crunchy category in her book, LoL. I am a strong believer that what is best for Avie is what I will do. I know nursing is of course the best option, organic food has less chemicals in it thankfully and if it takes cloth diapers to get rid of her red itchy bum than I'll do it. I think I like being a crunchy mommy. Not only is it good for Miss Avie it also helps with the penny pinching. Not a bad deal!! Happy 4th everyone!!

Here's a picture of Miss Avie's first experience with Avocado's... not a big fan I guess! On our second attempt I mixed them in with her rice cereal and we had a lot better luck with that.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A very long weekend.

I am currently working one of the slowest night shifts I have ever experienced... only one or two nights have felt slower. Its starting to make me feel a bit loopy! The worst part about it is I have one more night shift just like tonight. As much as I love working 12 hour shifts, working 12 hour shifts 3 days in a row on a weekend like this feels like ETERNITY! In exchange for the 12 hour shifts from h**l on a holiday weekend, I will get most of this upcoming week off. In fact I'm glad to say that after tonight's shift (Sunday) i won't be back to work until Thursday than I'll be off again till Monday. I love that. Working 3 days a week is really nice for mommy Avie time.

Well I think I feel one of my "creativity" days coming on soon. For the last few days I've had this urge to do something creative. Every so often I'm hit by a creativity bug and I can see potential in almost anything. A view that needs to be photographed, a quilt to be sewn, an instrument to learn, a book to be written or just to follow any artistic route that can be taken. On these days everything has potential from oddly shaped rocks to random notes floating through my mind. I find myself listening to music I don't normally listen to and making stops at stores I don't normally frequent. I just want to touch and experience everything. Its hard for me to put this feeling into words being I'm not actually a creative person. Sad that I crave something that I just can't figure out. I really wish I had that creative gene my mother has but sadly I missed out on it! So to compensate for not being able to paint the next Mona Lisa or compose a piece to rival Mozart I will more than likely go crazy cleaning and rearrange my home, take Avie for long walks someplace new, get some pretty flowers and maybe blog more than I need to! Sorry guys!

Dancing Queen

Avalynn's Auntie Susie believes that every little girl needs her very own tutu. Being the crafty auntie she is, Susan made Avalynn 3 tutu's all her own. What a lucky girl! Its a good thing we have so many tutu's now because my little dancer LOVES music. She dances (kicks her legs/swings her arms) and sings (well... she chatters) along with the music. Avalynn's always very attentive when her aunt Tena practices the guitar, the guitar is Tena's 'quick fix' for a fussy Avie.
The ABC song is Avalynn's very favorite. When we sing that song or Twinkle Twinkle we can calm her cries every time. Not sure what it is about that tune but it works like a charm and always gets us a smile no matter how upset she is, weird right? Its like magic! Today she was a little fuss butt for her momma so they got put into use a few times... Did you know that ABC, Twinkle Twinkle, Baa Baa Black Sheep and a few other songs all have the same tune? The tune comes from a French folk song, apparently Mozart also wrote a variation of this song. Just a little tid bit for you! Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lazy summer days

Today is my day off and its absolutely beautiful outside, but I'm laying around the house watching movies on tv and playing on the internet. I do have an excuse for my laziness and its a rather good excuse actually... Baby girl is sleeping :) She's wearing a little smile which makes me think she's having happy dreams. I sure hope she is. Maybe she's dreaming of all those things that make her happy but I never actually let her do. Like eating grass, pulling kitties hair or chewing on the swings at the park. Hopefully she's dreaming of such things so that when the sweet girl finally wakes she will no longer feel the urge to poke her fingers at mommy's eye or eat random things that have fallen into her reach. I suppose some things won't change but I love her even more for trying to learn about it all. Right now I can see that she's having happy dreams and that alone is enough to make her mama have a good day. When she wakes I think we'll go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For your enjoyment

So just for giggles I decided to post a comparison for you. Here are three pictures of Avie at 5 months followed by three pictures of me at around 3 months. Obviously she's such a cutie but I like to think she looks at least a little like I did!

A Breath of Fresh Air.

So after 4 weeks of fighting a small but stubborn diaper rash using powders, ointments, old wives tales, and lots of naked baby time I finally threw the towel in and dialed the doctors office. Might I add that its not a bad diaper rash, she was rarely ever bothered by it, but it just WOULD NOT go away! I mean really, after all the hours I spent painting my daughters bum with creams, lotions and powders (not to mention the times I had to clean the carpet) I was pretty bummed (haha) to admit my defeat. All in all I was even more disappointed to hear the doctor say that its not exactly a diaper rash... its just her ultra sensitive skin getting dry and chaffed. His recommendation to fix it is too do exactly what I've been doing but in a different way. How frustrating is that? He also recommended giving her bum A Breath of Fresh Air, which I do, but his comment reminded me that I need to update my blog. Two times in one month, pretty good right?
Anyway, while we were at the doctor we talked about starting her on some baby food besides the rice cereal she gets. The thought of feeding her something new made the mama in me get all excited. Instead of going home we went right to the grocery store and bought her some yummy organic baby veggies! Within minutes of getting home, the groceries were put away and she was in her high chair. Mama was pretty excited for her very first taste of squash. Yeah! I wish I had gotten some pictures... She wasn't to excited at first and she threw a few nasty looks but after a few bites she was begging for more. In fact she would throw her whole body into the spoon. When her mouth missed the spoon the squash would spill down her cheeks, chin and sneak down into the crevice of her neck. I never knew squash was so yummy! Good thing she likes baths so much :) We finished our night off with a bath, a cuddle and with some slathering of the creams. So here's to hoping that an inch of butt paste, an inch of vanicream and a breath of fresh air gives my baby's bum that 'oh so soft' baby skin that I love so much!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A little late!

Well time has come and gone and I am months and months behind on my little blog! Baby Girl Avalynn Marie was born Jan 5th at 620 am. She was a big little peanut just over 8pounds. I lucked out with a pretty easy delivery, 6 hours from the start of my contractions until she was born. My epidural made the time go by quickly and easily, delivery went by so easily with it!

I can't believe how fast time is going... she is already 5 months old! She's learned how to roll over and sit all by herself. What a good girl. :) Our next step is to learn how to sleep through the night. Since she turned 2 months old she's been waking up once a night to eat and than goes back to sleep. Can't complain about that really. She's lively and full of energy, she is constantly kicking her legs and swinging her arms. She's very alert and studies everything! Even the doctors were impressed with how far ahead she is compared to other infants her age.
I went back to work when she was 9 weeks old, that was pretty hard on both mommy and Avie. Being I had only moved back in July I didn't have enough PTO to take my full 3 months off. I was pretty disappointed. Luckily I only work 3 days a week 12 hours overnight, so I miss her sleepy hours and enjoy her during the day (between my naps!).
We've made a few trips north to visit the family. She does REALLY well with the 7 hour car rides, only once did we have a fussy trip. That was easily fixed with a mirror so she can see mom still... I think she felt abandoned in the back seat all alone! Well that's my quick update. I'll update again soon!