Sunday, July 20, 2008

summertime photo's

Two posts in one day! I surprise myself sometimes! Just thought I'd add a few pics from the cousins lake house. Enjoy!

Moving Day!

So today is yet another moving day. I must admit I've gotten a lot better at it this past year! The amount of 'stuff' I can fit in my little itty bitty trunk is truly an amazing feat. Mom would be so proud to see it :) I'm almost done, just my computer left and a few random items. Than the clean up begins. Once emptying out all my things its always a bit of a surprise to see how dirty things are... I mean I'm not a super messy person or anything but hidden in corners and behind dressers things always seem to accumulate. Like a few random bobby pins and hair ties in the bathroom cupboards or under the bed (how do the bobby pins get under the bed?!?). I've only been here 13 weeks and I still have a lot of cleaning to do. Plus I still need to clean out the fridge. I tried to keep up in that area so it shouldn't take to long. Tonight I stay with the family for my last east coast bbq and tomorrow I start the drive... the long LONG drive. Only one more move after this into a town home I hope to find and than hopefully I can settle into my own place for awhile. Cuz to be totally honest, moving is exhausting even without having to move all the furniture!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Catching up!

Ok so apparently I'm not what you could call an 'avid blogger' but I'm working on it!! I can't believe its already time for me to be packing up again. The 13 weeks went by so fast. I leave Sunday night, I'll make a stop for one more night at cousin Jill's and than start the looooooong drive home. I'm hoping to accomplish it in two days with one night at the hotel but realistically I'll be requiring 2 nights in the hotel. I wear out so fast these days! I'm pretty bummed that my summer in Salem is over but I am really looking forward to moving back to Rochester at the same time. I've missed everyone!! I'm definitely excited for some summertime bbq's with the girls. I've missed a lot this summer away including Justin's wedding and 'baby' sister Tena's big trip to Europe.
I spent this last weekend up at cousin Jill and Marty's lake house in New Hampshire. Its a very nice place they have right on Lake Winnipesaukee, its the perfect little get-away from reality. The lake is HUGE and very nice. We took the boat out a few times and I was pointed out Adam Sandlers lake house... its quite large by the way. We spent all day Saturday lounging on and off the boat in the water and trying to keep with with the little ones followed by a bbq and some s'mores. All in all I spent all weekend relaxing, eating and catching up with friends and family. Makes it hard to come back for my final 3 shifts of work! I'll have to post a few pic's from this weekend, I didn't take very many though!
All in all my summer has been pretty great out here I just wish I'd had had more time. I love living downtown Salem and spending my spare time on the beach. I've met a lot of great people and will be sad to leave. I will also miss my family out here. I'm already trying to plan a trip out here next summer. So that's what I'm up to, I'll try to post again later!