Friday, November 20, 2009

Sick Girl

Well Avalynn is finally on the mend. We had a rough 4 weeks of her being ill. The coughing, runny nose, unhappy child and really REALLY high temps having finally passed... thank goodness. I almost forgot what she was like when feeling well! These last few days she has been bouncing off the walls, full of energy and just plain happy. Its so much fun. Today while getting ready for work ran in circles from Mike, to the couch and than to me while laughing so hard she was screaming. Pretty darn cute, made it difficult to leave her for another long night shift. Things have been going pretty well in the house now that she's feeling well. She's actually sleeping almost through the night! She'll wake up once or twice but put herself back to sleep quickly so I can do the same. She's starting to eat better as well. Me on the other hand, I'm happy to finally have made the big desision to put her into a daycare. The babysitter is to expensive to use as often as I need and I'm to tired to keep this up much longer. Hopefully we find a good, safe and fun daycare soon. Not looking forward to future illnesses though...
I'm starting to get into the Christmas mood. Contemplating setting up my decorations this coming weekend but I worry that Avie will tear them down and try eat them, worse yet she might break glass bulbs and hurt herself. I'll figure something out I'm sure. I'm sad that I work Thanksgiving but I was lucky enough to have Christmas off along with New Years AND her birthday. I am looking forward to a lot of fun!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sweet baby girl

Avalynn loves books and she loves to be read too. Today she was putting together my words so that when I would say 'turn the page', she realized that it was time to actually turn the page. One of her favorite books is Skippyjon Jones, when I get to the part of the story where the kitty sniffs near and far, she always sniffs her little nose. Its great! She's also started hunting for her blanket when I ask her where her blanket is. When she spies it, she goes to get it, picks it up with a huge smile on her face and is so proud of herself. I love it! It's so amazing watching her soak in the world around her. I know that babies grow and learn so much in their first year but I didn't actually put together how it would happen. I didn't realize you could physically watch the information 'click' in their heads. One minute she has no idea what 'turn the page' means and than all of the sudden BAM she's turning pages and is moving on to the next thing. I'm amazed by how much and how fast she is learning and I love being here, seeing it happen and being a part of it. Couldn't ask for a better baby girl than the one I have :)

Reading her stories. She tells her own story and turns the pages as she goes! Super cute :)

Playing in her 'fort'.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

10 months old today!

Avalynn is 10 months old today and had a great time at the park! Here is some video...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Its been awhile again, I apologize! Life just keeps me busy these days. Esp now that sweet girl has learned how to walk. She's pretty busy and I love watching her toddle across the room. Each wobbly step amazes me. I can't figure out how she maintains her balance as she lifts foot and her whole body weaves back and forth before placing it down again. Somehow she's figured out her own method and can make it across the house all on her own. Crawling is still preferred for speed but not for long I'm sure.
As she's getting older I'm slowly starting to give her some table foods. She's getting things like banana's, rice, avocados, tofu, Cheerios, potato's, pea's and ect for finger foods and she loves it. No 'tastes' of pop and ice cream... she is MUCH to little for that. So far my method has kept her healthy. No eczema, asthma or allergies all of which are linked to foods being introduced to early. Other things can cause these problems I know but I'm not taking any risks with her health. Luckily she's been healthy, in fact she is sick with her first bug ever right now at (almost) ten months of age.

As I introduce more foods into her diet I am starting to have to eat healthier myself being she is tasting things off my plate along with her baby food. No chicken nuggets for my kid. I'm experimenting with new recipes that are yummy for both of us along with easy on her tummy. Here is what I'm making for supper tonight... yummy!