Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Whale Watching

So to end our weekend in Boston Mary and I decided to do a whale watching tour. The sun was out, the weather was calm and the whales were out playing! We couldn't have asked for a better whale experience. We saw 3 types of whales, Humpbacks, Minke's and Fin's. Here is just a sampling of some of the whales we saw.

They see the one in front often I guess, her name is Etcha Sketch.

There are 4 whales in this photo. Momma and her baby in front and than 2 adult whales in the back.

Smile pretty for the camera!
This whale was either waving at us or doing fin rolls.
I really seriously thought the whale was going to knock over their boat! If they weren't having a panic attack I'm guessing they got some great photo's!

Right at the dock is the New England Aquarium. I thought these harbor seals were adorable!


So this last weekend a fellow traveler friend from MN, Mary, drove up from her assignment in Connecticut for some weekend fun. To save money we veto'd the hotel idea in downtown Boston and decided to take the local ferry that runs between Salem and downtown Boston. Ends up it was really inexpensive and a lot of fun so we took it back and forth all weekend. It took about 40 minutes to get into Boston but it's a fun relaxing ride where we got to catch up on each others lives. Plus who knew the ferry would serve food and 'adult' beverages at so early in the morning?!? Once in Boston we turned into complete tourists with our camera's out and ready. We even bought the Boston sweatshirts! To get an idea of where things are at we booked a ride on one of those trollys where you can get on and off at the different stops. We also did the freedom trail walk. The food was great and the weather was perfect, well a little chilly but nothing the sweatshirt couldn't fix. All in all it was the perfect weekend! Here are some pics...

Mary enjoying her bloody mary and chips for breakfast... the breakfast of champions!

It was the perfect day for a ferry ride. Nice and sunny!
Boston from the water, it was a little windy that morning.
Another shot of Boston from the water.

Boston Public Gardens

Boston Public Gardens
Boston Public Gardens
Cheers! We had lunch and had to try their 'famous' burgers.

Walking the freedom trail.

Revere's gravesite

Old North Church
Inside the church, all the pews are little cubicles which helped the families stay warm in the winter.

What are YOU looking at?!?

Mary and I after a long day exploring enjoying our dinners.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Good Life

Salem is a pretty awesome place to live. I'm loving the atmosphere and being so close to the water! Its also nice to be close to some of the family that I don't see often. Jills kids are so cute! Carly is full of smiles and energy and Colbie is just pure energy! They are both a handful for Jill and Marty but they keep things under control like the pro's that they are. Work is good and I'm enjoying my coworkers. I'm pretty excited to be learning new medical practices and techniques. I've been out and exploring a bit here and there around the area and its been a blast. I haven't done quite as much as I've wanted due to the sour weather but thats all about to change according to the weatherman. Tomorrow I go out exploring a bit further north of Salem and I'll be sure to bring my camera. Next weekend Mary and I are taking in Boston for the weekend, look out here we come! Also I'm pretty pumped to learn that while I'm here one of my coworkers may take me out sailing. I've always wanted to get on a real sailboat!
So my life has taken a spin for the crazy these days and I'm not sure how to keep it under control but I'm doing my best. The best laid plans... you know the quote! So I'm taking life one day at a time and following my life motto that things always work out in the end. So far so good! I'm looking forward for my adventures to come and further blogs will follow. Here are a few recent pics, enjoy!

You don't see random witches on the street in MN in May, well occasionally you do.

The Salem Witch Museum. I fit right in!

I love how the streets end at the water downtown. I need to get a waterfront apt I think! Any donations for me?

I love springtime smells and colors!

Choppy rainy lovely day.

Lobster cages.

I found this house in Marblehead. Its pretty cool looking, but made creepy looking by making it fuzzy and b&w.

Its built right into the hill. I really am curious about what it looks like inside!

Little Carly! Cute chubby cheeks and a body that never stops moving.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I love the internet!

I was lost without being to check my email daily. Once again I am online, it only took a week to get it fixed up in my new apartment. My apartment is nice. Its 2 bedrooms so I can have weekend company again! Plus I still am getting housekeeping once a week. I'm definitly going to be spoiled by the time I'm done. :)