Sunday, December 27, 2009

The holiday rush.

Not sure who is more worn out, Avie or myself. The crazy, busy and exhausting week full of family and fun has finally passed. Lots of exciting presents, fattening foods and laughter. We have officially outgrown the toybox (basket). Moving might be easier than finding room for all of Avies new gifts! The new word this week is "hiding" said by Miss Avie while hiding behind mommy's curtains with a cheesy grin on her face. "Avie, are you hiding?"Auntie Amy asks after spying Avalynn behind the curtains. "Yeah... hiding" Avie replies in her little girl voice. Love her! We celebrated both Christmas and her 1st birthday this weekend. We had a small family gathering for her birthday held early while family was all in town. I made her a healthy zucchini/applesauce chocolate cake only to find it covered in frosting. Well, now I know how much she likes sugar! I love this baby girl :) who becomes a TODDLER next week. Wow.
Now that the big holiday rush has passed I find myself trying to normalize our routine. I'm hoping to not fall back into our previous cycle but instead set a new 'norm' for us. Call it my New Years Resolution. Healthier eating, more organized, more playdates and mommy/Avie time, more time overall spent being productive followed by some time spent being "healthy lazy". LoL, healthy lazy, if such a thing exists. These past few years I picked up the habit of zoning out in front of the tv during my free time. Its like a black hole and it just sucks you in, one good show leading to another. Really, I find that black tv hole rather annoying. I cut out cable a few months ago and so far I don't miss it but I still haven't had the opportunity to read much. Maybe its the holidays or stress or the fact that I've been BUSY but I'm seriously just craving a good book. Time for a trip to the library if I can ever get my card back from the baby sis.

The holidays were very good to us. Back to the grind of the real world now.

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