Sunday, June 27, 2010

A few pictures

Avie making a kissy face with her hot pink stripes in her hair. (It faded before we even got to the car which was ok by me!) Such a little Diva girl!!

We had a playdate recently at the pool with some coworkers of mine. Avie, Josey and Eliana and a great time swimming and splashing! I discovered that Avie loves the pool... the deeper the water the happier she is. She enjoys walking in up to her chest and putting her face in. This little girl has NO FEAR!
Eliana and Josey watching Avalynn pitch a fit because I wouldn't let her go into the deep water!

Rochesterfest is going on right now and this past Thursday they had a free kids carnival with carousal rides, games, bouncy things to jump in and more. Here is Avalynn and her friend Wyatt splashing.

A picture of Adrienne and I on our cruise, here's the view from our rooms balcony. It was great!

Miss Avalynn posing with her serious face.

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chubbiechemist said...

All of these are so cute! Thanks for updating (and sharing)!!!